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After-School Programming

Lehrman offers robust after-school programming options for students in Early Childhood through Grade 5. From science and basketball to art club and ballet, there is an option for every Lehrman student to explore his/her interests and passions.
See below to learn more about our Spring 2022-23 Program Offerings. 

Fall 2022-23: Program Offerings

Participants will have realworld experience with hammers and nails as they create and construct.  All safety equipment will be provided and children will be able to think outside the box with woodworking materials as they engineer whatever their imagination can dream up.

Mindful Movement is dance-inspired movements with a focus on intention and practicality. Specially curated playlists combine a love of dance and mindfulness together to form connection through movement.

Hola!  Join us for a beginners Spanish immersion class.  Class will focus on conversational Spanish through games.

Come try out for Lehrman's basketball teams where we emphasize skills and sportsmanship.  There is a boys team for 4th grade and a seperate boys and girls team for 5th grade.  We encourage all skill levels to try out. 

This class is an opportunity for our 4th grade girls to develop their skills during this practice only program.  We encourage all skill levels to sign up.

Experience the thrill of being onstage with your peers as Lehrman thespians present this years Musical Theater show.  This program runs for both the fall and winter sessions.

There will be two show productions the week of March 27 in Miami Shores.


Experience the fine arts and unleash your creativity during our weekly art class. 

Your child will examine, discover, and explore using all of their senses.  Our activities help young children make sense of the world around them while getting a bit messy.

Do you need a little extra time before pick up?  Do you have an older child staying for an after school activity and one pick up will make life so much easier?  Join us for EC after-school, which will include a snack, center time in the classroom, and outdoor play on the playground.

Stretch, breathe, repeat.  Join us for a focus on movement, mindfulness, and connection with our guided and lively yoga class.  

A creative movement class that will focus on learning dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns.  All skill levels are welcome.

Memorizing and delivering lines, developing stage presence, and how to react on cue are some of the many skills you will learn in our intro to the theatrical arts.  This full year program will commence with a showcase of our acquired skills in the spring.

Come tutu ready for our beginners ballet class.  Dancers will learn foundational skills, positions, and have a great time.

Soccer skills and drills will be developed during this class of fun and fundamentals.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, music, and strength. Join us as we focus on discipline, self-defense, physical fitness, and promote self-esteem.


Develop logic and critical thinking skills while strengthening your concentration and memory during our beginners chess class.

After-School Program Policies
  • The withdrawal/drop-out period ends Wednesday, January 11; after January 11 no refunds will be issued if your child(ren) does not continue with an After School Program
  • Early Childhood children who are not picked up on-time will be brought to After Care with Ms. Paula; parents are responsible for the fee associated with the After Care stay
  • An elementary child picked up late three (3) times will no longer be able to participate in his/her after school activities
  • All After-School Program pick-ups are walk-up only. Children are dismissed from the Welcome Center. Parents must park and walk-up to take their child(ren).