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Hebrew Language/Jewish Studies Curriculum

Grades 1-5

Lehrman’s grade 1-4 curriculum revolves around the well-regarded TaL AM curriculum which integrates Hebrew Language instruction and Jewish studies, carefully building a vocabulary that supports each as students practice the four essential skills of language: listening, speaking, writing and reading. From day one the students hear only Hebrew and as they go through the well-documented phases of second-language acquisition, their use of Hebrew becomes more and more active.

Through use of Hebrew, and with their teachers, they learn about the Jewish year and its special days from the weekly Shabbat, to the festivals, holidays, and historic moments that make each month special from Rosh ha-Shanah and all the festivals in the fall, to Hanukkah, not forgetting Yom ha-Atzma’ut, Israel’s Independence Day and ending with Shavuot, as school ends.

Text Study and Analysis, and History 

In third grade, students receive their own copy of the Chumash, the five books of Moses, and their immersion in the MaToK curriculum which involves deeper reading of text as well as a study of Biblical linguistic construction. Fourth and fifth graders are also exposed to Jewish history as well as Rabbinic literature or Mishnah, through weekly study with local rabbis of different congregations on different topics.