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Lehrman Continuous Enrollment System

Why Continuous Enrollment?
We are thankful that the vast majority of our families choose to remain at Lehrman through graduation therefore, we have implemented a seamless process for families to keep their children enrolled with us. Through this system, we avoid penalizing the vast majority of our families who stay, for the sake of the few who, for one reason or another, leave our school.
What are the benefits of a Continuous Enrollment System?
It helps us plan earlier in an efficient manner to better steward the tuition dollars entrusted to us every year.
It gives parents the peace of mind that their children’s spots are guaranteed until graduation or until you opt-out.
How Does Continuous Enrollment Work?
You will only sign an enrollment contract  for each of your children once - when they are admitted. Every year thereafter we will notify families of potential tuition increases in December, and send a reminder email about the annual deposit charge to your account. A date in mid-January every year will mark the deadline for families to inform Lehrman if they will not be returning the following year. Unless we hear from you, your child will automatically be enrolled, their spot secured, and the non-refundable deposit fee charged to your tuition account.
What if my plans change before my child graduates?
Every year there is an opt-out period for you to let us know that you will withdraw your child. Your decision to opt-out needs to be communicated in writing and we will know to not charge the tuition deposit to your account and that your child’s spot for the following year is released. 

What if my plans change after the opt-out deadline?
After the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date (second Wednesday in January) the non-refundable tuition deposit is forfeited. The following penalties will apply if you choose to withdraw from your Continuous Enrollment Contract after the opt-out period. Percentages are calculated based on total annual tuition. 

20% if canceled before May 1st

40% if canceled before June 1st

60% if canceled before July 1st

80% if canceled by August 1st

100% if canceled after August 1st

What if I opted-out of my contract and want to return?
If the student(s) has not been enrolled at Lehrman for a full school year, the student is subject to Lehrman’s admissions process as a new applicant.

Admission Calendar

Beginning of October: New student applications open

Mid-December: Opt-Out Period starts

Second Wednesday in January: Opt-Out Period ends

Second Thursday in January: Non-refundable deposit is changed to accounts

Beginning of February: New student admission letters go out

After the first round of admission decisions go out in February: Rolling admission based on space availability