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Walk into a classroom at Lehrman and you will see...

…well, it depends on the classroom. There is no standard classroom at Lehrman because each teacher uses different methods and experiences to engage and educate students depending on the subject matter, the needs of the group, the specific goal of the lesson. While teachers work in teams to develop curricula on grade levels, they are also encouraged to work to their strengths and so classrooms look different, and may sound different on a given day.

In the elementary school, for example, you may walk in on a Project Based Learning endeavor, or a set-up for a discussion on an original document, with students putting post-its in the margin so they will be ready for the discussion. Both classes may be on the same topic. But both will have engaged, enthusiastic students.

Curriculum building is a team effort at Lehrman. The K-5 math curriculum was arrived at after an extensive search by a large group of administrators and faculty. All curriculum should be the result of local deliberation said Joseph Schwab, a foremost curriculum theorist, and should take into consideration the student, the teacher, the subject matter, and the community and time in which all thrive. At Lehrman we take this mandate seriously as we review our curricula. and debate the needs of our community and especially our students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about curriculum at Lehrman.



Linda K. Schaffzin, PhD
Director of Education