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School-Wide Activities


Previous to the first day of school there is orientation for every grade.  Parents and children are invited to Lehrman to see their classroom, put away materials, and meet their new teachers. 

New Family Brunch

Our Parent Teacher Club hosts a meet, greet, and eat for all of our new families. This is a nice time to meet other parents new to Lehrman as well as an opportunity to speak with the school’s PTC chairs and the administration.

Book Fair

Lehrman hosts a book fair each year which we call Read-a-Palooza.  Students and their parents have the opportunity to purchase new books with a percentage of sales going to support the school. Celebrity guests, parent book readings and other activities highlight the week.

Back to School Night

Parents are invited to visit classrooms one evening in the fall in order to meet each of their child’s teachers and hear about the coming year’s curricula and plans. 

Celebrating the Festivals and Holidays

Each holiday and festival has its own time and place at Lehrman. We blow the shofar during the month of Elul, throw our trespasses into the sea before tashlikh (see banner above), wave the lulav and etrog in our Sukkah during Sukkot, and dance with the Torah before Simhat Torah.. Our building is alive with the songs of Hanukkah and the luscious odor of latkes as they are made from scratch as children play draydel and listen to an explanation of the origin of oil-based foods on the festival. Students read from our Lehrman Haggadah as they conduct a practice seder with their classmates to get ready for their own family celebrations…and so on throughout the year.

Shabbat at Lehrman

Each week we invite parents to join us to welcome in the Shabbat in a joyous Friday morning tefillah (prayer service). Children light candles, say the kiddush, the blessing over wine that ushers in the Shabbat, and bless the Sabbath bread, the challah. Depending upon the age group, appropriate songs are sung, the parashah, or Bible portion may be discussed.

The school day ends early on Fridays (2:40pm) to accentuate the importance of Shabbat, and to allow every family in our community to usher in the Sabbath.

On Mondays, Havdalah, the prayer that separates the Sabbath from the weekdays, is recited as well.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Although a parent or teacher can request a conference at any time throughout the year, there are set days (K-5) and weeks (ECD) for conferences.  Parents can sign up for a conference time to reflect on their child’s growth, review their work, and ask any questions. 

GrandParents/GrandFriends Day

All students at Lehrman are encouraged to bring someone special to school when we open our doors and our hearts for a day of activities and fun, as well as a delicious brunch.


For an entire week Lehrman is transformed into a museum of art.  Every student has a piece of artwork displayed. Students visit area museums and local artists (often Lehrman parents) come and do art with our students as well. ArtFest is an art-filled celebration of the visual arts at Lehrman.

Musical Theater

3rd through 5th graders are eligible to join Musical Theater as an after school activity. Children try out for roles, help with set and prop creations, assist with costume design, and have regular rehearsals. Past productions have included Peter Pan, Hairspray, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, and School of Rock.

Shabbaton/Dude Ranch

3rd through 5th graders go on Lehrman’s annual Shabbat retreat to the Circle F Dude Ranch. The activity-filled three-day trip includes a talent show, horseback riding, challah baking, and rock climbing; it culminates in a group Shabbat experience that is not to be forgotten.

Haggigat ha-Siddur (Celebration of the Siddur)

Every 1st grader receives a Lehrman siddur (prayer book) at a joyous ceremony celebrating the class’ learning about prayer as well their ability to read Hebrew.

Haggigat ha-Torah (Celebration of the Torah)

Lehrman 3rd graders begin their study of Torah (the Five Books of Moses) with an important ceremony before family and friends. They demonstrate all they have learned about the Torah in preparation for their study, as they are presented with their own copies of the Humash they will use going forward.

Pre-K Moving Up Ceremony

Pre-K students have an end of the year celebration when Lehrman says goodbye to them as Early Childhood students and welcomes them into Kindergarten.   Parents, families, and friends are invited to this end of the year ceremony.

Fifth Grade Graduation

Lehrman 5th graders have a special graduation ceremony before leaving our school to go to Middle School. All parents, families, and friends, are invited to this event.