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Important Instructions for Uploads

To keep track of the material being uploaded, we ask that you follow these simple steps. 

Failure by the uploader to follow these steps will result in unnecessary aggravation on the part of the uploadee.*

Thank you.

Please read through these steps before scrolling down to the Upload Form at the bottom of the page.

  1. Drag the White Cloud into the Dark Cloud (Illustration 1).
  2. Click the Upload option and select Files (Illustration 2).
  3. Find the file(s) you wish to upload. Naming the file(s) with your name will do wonders to relieve our stress 8-)
  4. Select the Note icon: IMPORTANT! Without this note, we are at a loss as to who and what (Illustration 2).
  5. After selecting the Note icon, name your note with your name. Then click Create: you will have the opportunity to send us your text (Illustration 3).
  6. Now simply close the Note window and you are done.

Illustration 1 

Illustration 2 

Illustration 3

*Defined by Meriam Webster as the individual accessing the uploads uploaded by the uploader.

Use the Form below to begin the process.