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Interscholastic Athletics at Lehrman

The Interscholastic Athletic Program, for grades 4-5, offers competitive opportunities that research shows help students achieve higher self-esteem and develop leadership qualities.

Lehrman co-founded and is a member of the Jewish Athletic League for Jewish Day Schools in Miami-Dade County. Boys and girls teams include:

  • flag football
  • basketball

Our students relish meeting students from other Jewish day schools in this community.

Students play individual and team sports that are age-appropriate and are always in a positive and supportive environment. Children who incorporate fitness into their daily routine tend to develop regular exercise habits, which are important elements of physical and mental health, ensuring they will make healthy lifestyle choices in the future.

It is our goal to teach our athletes to strive for their absolute best. "There can be bad winners as well as sore losers," says Coach Aaron Corliss, Lehrman's Athletic Director. "Of course we play to win (note our trophy case which indicates our success rate!), but no matter what the outcome, we strive to be good winners and good losers."

In addition to the competitive intra-school league play, we have one season of intramural basketball play which occurs at the end of the school year after the musical theater production. This allows many of those students who choose to devote their time to the musical to participate in competitive athletics as well, and is very popular.

Many Lehrman students go on to play competitive sports in Middle and High School and beyond.

“There are those who continue with athletics, of course. For some Lehrman students it might be their last experience with a team sport,” points out Coach Corliss, “but I can guarantee it is not their last team experience—whether it is in their family, at school, or at work. What we do here at Lehrman is important because the values we teach will stick with these kids for a lifetime.”