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Lehrman Birthdays

Birthday Protocols

October 26, 2020
By Lehrman
Covid Edition

Mazal Tov on your student's birth-day.

Birthdays are always special at Lehrman and as your child’s birthday approaches, we want to remind you of possibilities for sharing the celebration with your child’s Lehrman friends, as well as provide helpful information as you plan birthday parties outside of the school.

Happy Birthday at Lehrman

ECD students are serenaded during Kabbalat Shabbat of their birthday week.

K-5 students: are called up during t’fillah for a rousing tri-lingual “Happy Birthday” on the Monday of their birthday week.  

Children whose families participate in the PTC Birthday Book Club receive their book certificate(s) at designated Kabbalat Shabbat services. 

We have determined the following Wednesdays for the 2020-21 school year:

Oct 23 (for June-Oct birthdays)
Nov 20 
Dec 18 
Jan 22 
Feb 19
Mar 19 
Apr 23
May 28 (May & June birthdays)

The Lehrman Gift Back Club

Lehrman has helped us, our community, and the Jewish people by providing us with a great general and Jewish education, so we think we should give back to Lehrman to help it educate lots of other kids like us…

The Gift Back Club (GBC) is an opportunity for students to "give back" to Lehrman each year on their birthday. Instead of receiving gifts on that special day, they choose to ask friends and relatives to make a contribution to Lehrman in their honor.

When funds are collected, they get to choose any one of a number of areas in the school where the contributions will make a difference.

In recognition of their participation in the GBC, their name will be posted on an Honor Wall, and they will receive an embroidered badge which they can wear on a shirt, a hoodie, or place on our backpack.

In-School Celebration

In the interest of health, fairness, and of course, joyous celebrations, we will celebrate birthdays on Wednesdays, once a month, for children born in that month. 

The celebration will occur at lunch, with individually wrapped muffins from our Lehrman bakery, along with fellow students from the birthday boys’ and girls’ class. The school will provide the muffins at no cost to parents.

Birthday Celebrations Outside of School

Currently, we do not encourage any gatherings of any kind. The below protocols are relevant in a healthy non-Covid environment. 

Invitations: Lehrman is glad to help you by putting invitations in classmates’ backpacks provided the entire class or all children of one gender is/are invited. Clearly it would be insensitive and inconsistent with the Jewish values we seek to instill in the children to leave anyone out.

Dates for parties: Families should not plan any birthday celebrations on Shabbat or any major Jewish holidays.

Food: All birthday parties should include certified kosher food so that all students and families who attend can participate and enjoy the party comfortably. 

We will be glad to assist you if you have questions about this.

We wish your child the Happiest Birthday!

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10/26/20 - By Lehrman