Dear Friends:

It is always a pleasure to see the amazing things that are happening at Lehrman.  Students are growing up with a strong sense of intellectual curiosity, self esteem and community mindedness.  The love and dedication of our faculty and administration is evident every day from drop-off until pick-up time. Caring parents and community leaders are constantly meeting to enhance and improve this Lehrman experience.

As we think about our success, it is important to remember how we got to this point in our history.  During a difficult transition time, a super talented group of board members, led by Roger Miller, and faculty and staff, decided to give all that was possible to secure a bright future for Lehrman. We are so grateful for that dedication today, and must give back, also, to continue to secure the future of Lehrman for our grandchildren.

It is in this spirit of giving that our school was created.  Rabbi Irving Lehrman always called Lehrman, "the jewel in his crown" of achievements.  He always insisted that the parents and local community should give all that was possible to establish academic excellence and offer assistance to all students who wanted a Jewish education.  Please join me in this spirit of giving.  It is a critical component in the future of our school. The cost of yearly tuition does not fully cover the costs involved in a year at Lehrman.  Let's continue the tradition of supporting this wonderful school financially and spiritually, for our children today and future generations.

Very truly yours, 

Kimberly Mendelson
Chair, Board of Trustees

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