The Arts

There really are no neat boundaries to the arts in the lives of our students or the role models, their teachers, at Lehrman Community Day School. Just as the arts are integrated into all the other Core Knowledge subjects: history, language arts and science, the arts are integrated into all areas of our lives at the school -- our celebration of our Jewish lives, our after school activities, and a host of other extra-curricular activities. Our art teachers are artists in their own right and they model by the pervasiveness of art in their lives, how art is more than a subject in school, but rather a window on the world.
    "The (Lehrman arts) program is very exciting and encourages creativity in a unique setting." Thomas Lollar, Director of Visual Arts, New York's Lincoln Center

Visual Arts

"Art Basel a la Lehrman‚" said one grandparent, only partly in jest at last year's annual all-school student art exhibit. Each year Lehrman art specialist Deborah Brown (BFA, MFA) puts up an exhibit of work by each student in the school to great acclaim by parents and students alike.
The exhibit also includes the work of artists in the school's after school art club, part of the After School Program, a class given each semester by Mrs. Brown. In addition, crafts related to Jewish holidays and general ritual items are created by the students in connection with Jewish studies classes.

Musical Arts
Musical Theater

Each year Lehrman students put on a full performance of musical theater under the expert direction of Michael Day, himself a professional musical director of musical theater. He has able assistants in our faculty and staff in areas of choreography and drama. Mr. Day's productions have included Annie, Alladin and Beauty and the Beast. Students work after school to perfect their skills in all aspects of musical theater.
Other musical offerings include:
Musical Instruments


A number of after school offerings include various dance genres and special programs include
opportunities for dance instruction and participation.

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