A Moment in Kindergarten.

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The energy and excitement of life in the kindergarten classrooms at Lehrman Community Day School literally bounce off the bulletin boards and walls from the colorful and creative work of the children. It reverberates in their songs and their chanting in unison of the motzi before they begin lunch.

In one classroom you will see children working in groups, learning through hands-on activities. In another, you will see differentiated teaching, with students working on material that is appropriate for different levels and needs.

One class may be working with our art specialist, an artist in her own right, while another is out on the basketball court with “Coach,” challenged by working on individual fitness goals.

At another point, a class is also outside. The teacher shakes down pillow feathers on the ground and asks the children to gather them up; they have a very hard time. She is illustrating the tale of the Rebbe who likens their task to the difficulty of taking back the damage done by spreading gossip. The teacher uses the story and the exercise to work on social relationships in a concrete way, putting the values discussion in a Jewish context.

These are just a taste of what you might see in the blink of an eye in a Lehrman kindergarten class.

Kindergarten: Topics and Skills

In adopting the Core Knowledge Foundation Curriculum Sequence, which is based on the principle that children will learn new knowledge best by building on what they already know, each academic subject in the Core Knowledge curriculum represents a coherent sequence of specific knowledge that builds year by year.

The Core Knowledge curriculum, the small class size, and our talented teachers all mean that we have a challenging program that exceeds State standards. We are able to know each child well, nurture that child and help her or him learn and grow to full potential: we want to see each Lehrman student fly as high as possible.

Our kindergarten teachers love what they do; they love to engage their students and pique their natural curiosities so that those students seek the knowledge and come to learning with a desire to explore and grow.

The following is an overview of the topics taught in the Lehrman Kindergarten in each subject area in General Studies (for an overview of Jewish Studies in kindergarten, click HERE):

Language Arts:

I. Reading and Writing: Phonemic Awareness/Decoding/Encoding
II. Poetry: Nursery Rhymes/Traditional Poetry
III. Fiction: Folk Tales
IV. Familiar Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography: World

I. Spatial sense: Working with maps & globes
II. Overview of Seven Continents

History and Geography: American

I. Geography
II. Native American Peoples, Past & Present
III. Early Exploration & Settlement
(Columbus, Pilgrims; Independence Day)
IV. Presidents, Past and Present
V. Symbols and Figure

Visual Arts:

I. Elements of Art: Color & Line
II. Sculpture
III. Looking at and Talking about Works of Art


I. Elements of Music: Rhythm, harmony, etc.
II. Listening and Understanding
III. Songs


I. Patterns and Classification
II. Numbers and Number sense
III. Money
IV. Computation
V. Measurement
VI. Geometry


I. Plants & Plant Growth
II. Animals and Their Needs
III. Human Body (5 Senses)
IV. Introduction to Magnetism
V. Seasons and Weather
VI. Taking Care of the Earth
VII. Science Biographies


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