First Grade

First Grade at Lehrman Community Day School is all about growing and learning. Reading is at the center of the program: reading strategies, phonemic awareness, developing vocabulary, reading comprehension and, of course, speaking, listening, and writing. First graders at Lehrman begin with writing sentences and paragraphs, developing good grammar and syntax in the process, and they work on letter formation. 


Math and numeral learning are also important in the first grade program; students learn addition, subtraction, as well as all about time and money. These busy youngsters study science in our well-equipped science lab which allows for exciting and curiosity-enhancing hands-on activities. They experience art, music, technology instruction and a developmentally appropriate physical education curriculum.

First grade is about learning to cooperate in groups, sharing and treating others in a respectful way. On the playground, in the lunchroom, in the hallway and at work in class, Jewish values abound. Teachers begin the year with Rabbi Hillel’s dictum, also known as The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you. Becoming a mensch, learning school life skills while exploring their world is an essential part of every first grader’s day at Lehrman Community Day School. 


First Grade: Topics and Skills
The Core Knowledge Foundation Curriculum Sequence. based on the principle that children will learn new knowledge best by building on what they already know. represents a coherent sequence of specific knowledge that builds year by year. The heart of First Grade Core Knowledge is the in-depth geography and history program, including topics such as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

The Core Knowledge curriculum, the small class size, and our talented teachers mean that we exceed State standards; we know each child well, nurture and help her or him learn and grow to full potential; we want to see each Lehrman student fly as high as possible.

Our first grade teachers know that setting these curious, excited children on the right path academically, socially and emotionally will serve them well in the years to come.  


The following is an overview of the topics taught in the Lehrman First Grade in each subject area in General Studies (for the Hebrew and Jewish Studies sequence click HERE).

Language Arts:
I. Reading and Writing 

a. Phonemic Awareness
b. Decoding, Word Recognition, Oral Reading
c. Reading Comprehension and response
d. Writing: spelling, grammar and usage      

II. Poetry (Langston Hughes, Frost, Lenski, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Lear)
III. Fiction (Folktales & Fables)
IV. Sayings and Phrases
V. Literary terms 


History and Geography: World
I. Geography
II. Early Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt
III. Mexico 


History and Geography: American
I. Early People and Civilizations
II. Early Exploration and Settlement
III. American Revolution
IV. Early Exploration of the American West
V. Symbols and Figures 


Visual Arts (for a complete listing, click HERE)



Music (for a complete listing, click HERE) 



I. Patterns and Classifications
II. Numbers and Number Sense
III. Money
IV. Computation
V. Measurement
VI. Geometry

VII. Time 


I. Living Things and Their Environments
II. Human Body
III. Matter
IV. Properties of Matter: Measurement
V. Introduction to Electricity
VI. Astronomy
VII. The Earth
VIII. Science Biographies

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