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The very first time you visit ParentsWeb, you will be asked to enter our

District Code and your e-mail address.

Please follow the instructions below to expedite the process.

If, after entering the information requested, you are unable to set up an account,

please e-mail us at support@LehrmanEnroll.info

Our tech support staff (!) will respond as quickly as possible.

Be sure to include your phone number in the event we need to speak with you directly.


Step 1: go to RenWeb.com (clicking on this link opens a new window) 
and click on LOGINS. Select ParentsWeb Login.




Step 2: Click on Create New ParentsWeb Account




Step 3:
Enter our District Code: LC-FL
Enter your e-mail address…


 Step 4:

Click on Create Account (a). If your e-mail adress is in our system,

you will receive the following message:

An email has been sent to <youremailaddress>.

Please check the email and click link provided to gain access to page

where you can create your username and password.

For security purposes that link will only be active for 6 hours.




Now click on Back to Login (b) and leave that window open—

you will use it once you complete Step 5.

If your e-mail is not accepted, be sure to try other e-mails we might have on record.

If that fails, contact us at support@LehrmanEnroll.info

so we can look up your e-mail address of record.


Step 5: Follow the link provided in the e-mail.

The system will already have your name in place, along with an assigned Person ID.

Enter the e-mail you used to request an account, then enter a password,

enter it a second time to confirm, and click the button.




You will see a “successfully updated” screen.




Step 6: Return to the Login window you opened (above).

You are now set to login to ParentsWeb and proceed with enrollment/re-enrollment.


The Enrollment/Re-enrollment link can be found via the Family Information button.


In the future, go to RenWeb.com and follow Step 1 to access the ParentsWeb login page.

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