Our Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4-5, Level II in the Core Knowledge PreSchool sequence) at Lehrman Community Day School challenges our students to engage creatively, while exploring their spirit of inquiry.


Our well-trained and talented faculty uses a deep knowledge of emotional, social, cognitive and physical development to enhance the growth of each child; our developmentally appropriate teaching methodology ensures a well-rounded experience and a stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences.


The Core Knowledge Preschool Curriculum utilized in our classrooms offers specific goals with step-by-step objectives. Through engaging academic content and active learning experiences we ensure our students will become life long learners.


According to the Core Knowledge Foundation, a specific, explicit sequence of skills and knowledge allows our faculty to guide our young students’ development in an ‘apprentice-like fashion.’ We work with each child to identify each one’s competencies and guide the child through hands on, and later, more abstract, representational activities. These activities provide the stepping-stones to higher levels of competence and understanding.


Assessment is an on-going process, conducted within the context of the coherent progression of skills and knowledge created by the Preschool Sequence built around the following areas:


Physical Well-being and Motor development

• Movement and Coordination

Social and Emotional Development

• Autonomy & Social Skills

Approaches to Learning

• Work Habits


• Oral Language

• Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Fingerplays and Songs

• Storybook Reading and Storytelling

• Emerging Literacy Skills In Reading and Writing

• Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Instruction

Knowledge Acquisition & Cognitive Development

• Mathematical Reasoning and Number Sense

• Orientation in Time and Space

• Scientific Reasoning and the Physical World

• Music

• Visual Arts

Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Instruction



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