At Lehrman Community Day School, Nursery students (ages 3-4, Level I in the Core Knowledge PreSchool sequence) are ready to expand their horizons and achievements, explore new territory and make sense of all they encounter.


Teachers can be found encouraging children to learn, bolstering children's self image, exploring their interests and creativity, while offering a child-centered classroom.


The Core Knowledge PreSchool Sequence animates the Nursery year, while at the heart of our program are the Jewish values and traditions that are woven throughout our day. Talented faculty fosters the child’s growth and models the values and behaviors that enable children to become independent, generous and respectful members of the community.


According to the Core Knowledge Foundation, a specific, explicit sequence of skills and knowledge allows our faculty to guide our young students’ development in an ‘apprentice-like fashion.’ We work with each child to identify each one’s competencies and then guide the child through hands on, and later, more abstract, activities. These activities provide the stepping-stones to higher levels of competence and understanding.


Assessment is an on-going process, often conducted within the context of the coherent progression of skills and knowledge in the Preschool Core Knowledge sequence built around the following areas:


Physical Well-being and Motor Development

• Movement and Coordination

Social and Emotional Development

• Autonomy & Social Skills

Approaches to Learning

• Work Habits


• Oral Language

• Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Fingerplays and Songs

• Storybook Reading and Storytelling

• Emerging Literacy Skills In Reading and Writing

• Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Instruction

Knowledge Acquisition & Cognitive Development

• Mathematical Reasoning and Number Sense

• Orientation in Time and Space

• Scientific Reasoning and the Physical World

• Music

• Visual Arts

• Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Instruction



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