K-5 Cupcake Birthday Days 19-20


K-5 Birthday Celebrations at Lehrman 

In the interest of health, fairness, and of course, joyous celebrations, Grades K-5 will celebrate birthdays on Friday, once a month, for children born in that month.

The celebration will occur at lunch, with cupcakes from our Lehrman bakery, along with fellow students from the birthday boys’ and girls’ grade level.

The school will provide the cupcakes at no cost to parents.

Parents are invited to join at the lunch celebrations.

Teachers will send out monthly reminders to the birthday celebrants.

We have determined the following days for the 2019-20 school year:

August birthdays: Wednesday, 8/28

September birthdays:Wednesday, 9/25

October birthdays:Wednesday, 10/30

November birthdays:Wednesday, 11/20

December birthdays:Wednesday, 12/18

January birthdays:Wednesday, 1/22

February birthdays:Wednesday, 2/26

March birthdays:Wednesday, 3/25

April birthdays:Wednesday, 4/22

May birthdays:Wednesday, 5/20

June & July birthdays:Wednesday, 6/3

We will still recognize all birthdays at t’fillah on Mondays, and the PTC will present Birthday Book certificates monthly at Kabbalat Shabbat.

Please note: these group celebrations will take the place of all K-5 private in-school birthday parties as previously held at Lehrman.

Click HERE to download a pdf of the Celebrations handout.

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