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Just what is the GBC?

Lehrman has helped us, our community, and the Jewish people
by providing us with a great general and Jewish education,
so we think we should give back to Lehrman
to help it educate lots of other kids like us…

The Gift Back Club (GBC) is an opportunity for us
to "give back" to Lehrman each year on our birthday.

Instead of receiving gifts on that special day,
we choose to ask friends and relatives
to make a contribution to Lehrman
in our honor.

When funds are collected, we get to choose
any one of a number of areas in the school
where the contributions will make a difference.

In recognition of our participation in the GBC,
our name will be posted on an Honor Wall,
and we will receive an embroidered badge
which we can wear on a shirt, a hoodie, or
place on our backpack.

Ready to participate? Click