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Early Childhood: 

Licet Ariza joins the Lehrman family full-time after a year of subbing in nearly every division of our school.  Licet is excited for the opportunity to create new games and activities with the kids.  Licet will join Ms. Yolanda as an assistant in Turning Twos.

Hallie Cajuste will join the Lehrman team from Miami Country Day's summer camp where she directed the arts program.  Hallie is currently earning her degree from Florida Memorial University.  Hallie will join us in Pre-K, working with Ms. Ingrid.

Lucia Marino will be joining us as an assistant teacher in our Toddlers program. Lucia has a love for art and is an expert at tapping into the emotional and developmental needs of kids through their art.  Lucia will work with Ms. Joanie.

Rosario Rivera, our new Toddlers teacher, joins our Early Childhood from St. Patrick Preschool.  Her teaching career began in El Salvador and spanned the past three decades.  Rosario has a passion for working with young children and loves the journey she takes with her class each year as the children grow and learn.

Silvia Sapirsztein joins us from the Suzy Fischer Early Childhood Academy. She has worked in early childhood for the past seven years and enjoys building strong relationships with her students. Silvia will be the assistant teacher in Ms. Danielle's Toddler class. 

Dina Vogel, who worked as a substitute all of last school year, will be joining us full-time as a Turning Twos assistant. Dina worked in every grade level and got to know the students, as well as our curriculum.  Dina will join Ms. Maribel's class. 

Erica Vogel is joining the Lehrman family as a Nursery teacher.  Erica is well known by many Lehrman families from her years working at the MBJCC.  Erica received her degree in Pre-K/Primary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Development from the University of North Florida.  She is excited to join us and work with her mother, Dina.

Stacey Weintraub is a Lehrman alum and will be joining us this year as an assistant teacher in Ms. Carolina's Turning Twos class. Stacey taught almost every age group while working as a substitute last year at Lehrman and most recently, she worked at the MBJCC.

Updates: Sara Grenald and Angie Cabiya will be moving to PK.  Sara will work with Ms. Lulu and Angie will work alongside Ms. Jen.  Jenna West will be moving to Nursery and will work with Ms. Erica.  Danielle Kirsner will be rejoining the Toddler team and will work with Ms. Silvia.  Maribel Gil and Yolanda Mantilla will both join Turning Twos as lead teachers.  Maribel will work with Ms. Dina and Yolanda will be working with Ms. Licet.


Ariel Auerbach joins Kindergarten as Ms. Jelena’s teaching associate. Ariel has also worked in marketing, and as a kids spirituality teacher. She has experience teaching each child how to connect with his/her best self to achieve success. Additionally, Ariel taught diverse forms of dance to young children both at the Michael-Ann Russell JCC and elsewhere. Her many skills will make her a wonderful addition to the Lehrman family.

Elizabeth Chaplin joins our grade three team as a teaching associate.  Ms. Chaplin earned her BA from Duke University in Psychology. While working as a brand manager and financial analyst for several years, her love for children and making a difference in young lives always remained important. Elizabeth decided to embark on a journey as an educator and is excited to join the Lehrman family.  Elizabeth has spent time this past year getting to know the grade three teachers and looks forward to supporting them.

Ashley Gabelman joins our grade three team as a general studies classroom teacher.  Ms. Ashley earned her MS from Hunter Graduate School of Education in New York in Literacy Education.  A veteran teacher, she comes to us from the Churchill School and Center where she taught for the last 6 years. She has experience teaching in both the general and special education settings and has taught students with diverse learning needs. Ashley is an upbeat, innovative teacher and looks forward to meeting her future students and families.

Emily Kanter is a Lehrman alumna and is already an integral part of our Lehrman family. Emily earned her BA in Judiac Studies from Tulane University. While completing her degree, she discovered her love for education and took many classes in elementary education. Emily was a substitute teacher at Lehrman this past year and has been a favorite amongst children in various grades. Emily will team up with Ms. Kapp as her teaching associate in grade one.

Alixandra Steinberg joins the elementary department as a grade one general studies classroom teacher. Alixandra earned her MS from Hunter College in Early Childhood and Special Education.  She has taught at the 92nd Street Y School since 2016 and has experience with various ages. She is excited to join Lehrman and spread her enthusiasm for educating young minds.

Irina Weinshel joins our elementary department as a grade four teacher. Ms. Weinshel earned her BA from Rhode Island University in English, and has taken several graduate courses in special and elementary education at Touro College in New York. An experienced teacher, she has taught grades 1-5 and is known for her excellent classroom management and ability to implement classroom routines. Amongst other schools, she taught grades one and three at Scheck Hillel Community School. She is excited to be a part of our Lehrman family, alongside her two children who will join us in Kindergarten and Nursery.  

Updates: We missed Ms. Betsy in the building and are excited to welcome her back to in-person teaching. Meryl Rotenberg will reunite with Ms. Betsy as her teaching associate after working last year with Ms. T. Caren Horvitz will go back to being Ms. T’s teaching associate. Jackie Revesz, who worked with Ms. Jelena last year as her teaching associate, will now be a floater and help support teachers on all grade levels.  Gina Schwartzman is excited to ‘graduate’ from kindergarten and join our grade one team. Esther Meyer, who worked with Ms. Simani last year as her teaching associate, will now work with Ms. Schwartzman. Melissa Simani will return to grade two and Valerie Ganin will work with her as her teaching associate. Kyle Rabin, an experienced teacher and veteran educator, will begin the school year teaching grade two as she covers Ms. Simani’s maternity leave. Ms. Rabin taught the grade two virtual program last year and received exemplary feedback from parents and students alike. Cintia Guinsburg and Kenny Michelson will be joining our grade five team, working alongside Judi Fishkin. Rebeca Naierman will be working as a teaching associate in grades four and five. She is excited to be moving up and supporting teachers and students in math, her area of expertise.  Mika Nagli, our school floater, is excited to join the Hebrew and Jewish Studies department full time.