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Our Alumni speak…

Josh '15 (currently at Miami Country Day), Jodi Bruce (Head of School), and Boris '15 (currently at Ransom Everglades).
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Hi, my name is Joshua.  I graduated from Lehrman in 2015 and was at Lehrman since Turning Twos.  Lehrman was the best experience I could have asked for.

I remember loving the school so much that when I was in Kindergarten, I asked my Mom if I could stay in the school until I reached the third floor knowing that the big kids in 5th grade were there.

I looked forward to going to school everyday, because there was a warm and wonderful atmosphere that the loving and nurturing teachers and staff created.

I now attend Miami Country Day School and we Lehrman alumni who attend Country Day are so proud to have come from Lehrman because it has such a wonderful reputation amongst the students and teachers.  They know a Lehrman kid when they see one. 

After graduating from Lehrman, you realize all that you have learned and the high standards Lehrman requires.  All of my Math and English teachers really went above and beyond to help me achieve my full potential and I am now in all Honors classes.

With my Lehrman background, I am proud to say that Miami Country Day awarded me with the 6th Grade Student of the Year Award last year.

More important than academics, Lehrman reinforces what your parents teach you about manners, doing the right thing and the significance of Derekh Eretz.  This was recognized at Country Day, when they presented me with the Core Values award last month. 

In February, I will have my Bar Mitzvah and I am grateful to all my Hebrew teachers who taught me to read and write Hebrew perfectly.

Another reason why it was great to be at Lehrman is that you make special bonds with friends.  My best friends and I all go to different schools now, but we all keep in touch and I consider them my friends for life.

I am so thankful to my parents for making the sacrifice to have my siblings and me attend this amazing elementary school and realizing the importance of a Jewish Day school.

Josh spoke at our annual Hop, Skip & a Jump event for potential kindergarten families.